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, nairobi and kisumu. but in 1990, the picture changed dramatically as rates of infection continued to rise in urban areas and also began climbing in rural areas. ouma: what's happening in the case of aids is that it tends to, um, diffuse, um, hierarchically-- large urban center, second largest urban center, like that. at the same time, you're also finding this contagious diffusion, which is really the spread from the source region-- be it nairobi or mombasa-- outward to the surrounding areas. narrator: in 1993, the rate of new infections was approaching a saturation level, or equal rate of new infection throughout the entire country. as the number of adult aids victims grew, many women passed the disease on to their unborn children. man: that child, she's unfortunate. she was delivered by... delivered by a mother who was positive, and she acquired hiv intrauterine. and then since then, she was growing well, but now she's suffering aids, and from that, now she's suffering from tuberculosis. now she's on treatment. the spread of aids in kenya is greatly facilitated by a weak and deterioratin
. >> rowland has been to kenya many times, but this is his first visit to the slum in nairobi. around 90,000 people live here. medicine is scarce, and there are only 20 basic doctor surgery to treat those with hiv. is the head of the biotech company that does business with medical centers like this one. he knows how urgently the center needs support. the charity called german doctors gives free treatment to 300 patients here every day. many of them are hiv-positive. they used equipment made by his company to test for the virus. he has brought a gift for the medical center -- a mobile testing machine worth 7000 euros. the device will allow doctors to test patients in remote areas. it is solar powered. memo we are a family company. we have been going for 45 years. we can allow ourselves different priorities to companies driven by investors and shareholders. basically, we can make smaller profits, and we have the advantage of making good money in developed countries. that allows us to take on a charity role here. >> as well as testing for hiv, the machine can give information on what dose o
romney of massachusetts and current president barack obama saying from m nairobi. jessica, we'll start with you default scribe the mood that obama had described in chicago. >> it's intense, jon, everyone is glued to their computers and smart phones. >> jon: checking the polling. >> no, they're second out fund raising e-mails. jon, they're down to the wire and this campaign is saying cannot make it through in the next two hours unless everybody in this country chips in $8. >> jon: it's 11:00 p.m. on election night. >> wait a minute, i'm sorry, it's $12. apparently this costs more than they anticipated. they ordered smacks for like 10,000 people but it looks like, hold on. $15. apparently biden ordered hot wings. >> jon: really. read the elf mails. > -- e-mails.>> sure. hey girls it's joe biden. can i borrow $15 you know for some hot wings. pretty standard biden form letter. >> jon: is the romney campaign still making a push for fund raising. >> yes, jon romney needs money. it's just a party here, okay. >> jon: they think they're going to win. >> win, lose, who cares. to the last se
's ridiculous reelection was that speech he gave last night on evidently nairobi time laying out his priorities for the next term. >> we want our children to live in an america that isn't burdened by debt, isn't weakened by inequality, that isn't threatened by the destructive power of a warming planet. >> stephen: you hear that? warming planet. that's global warming ( laughter ) whether we want his ieflt energies or not, he is going to bend america over and stick solar power where the sun don't shine. ( laughter ) but as i suspected, folks, alternative energy come with risks. >> at first, ernie marshall was all for the new wind farm going up near his home >> and it sound like a great idea. >> but soon after the turbines started rolling, he said he started suffering a litany of health complaints. >> i've had problems with my heart. i have problems with my ears. it traumatizes your whole body. >> stephen: yes, living near a windmill can ruin your health. that's why everybody in the nighter land is always sparking up their medical marijuana. now, folks those who suffer from what's become known a
. for two years before we were blown up in nairobi, kenya, my team and i thought, nagged was the word the state department colleagues used to have security threats and vulnerablallities assessed. i was told there was no more money for a more secure embassy. just to make sure everyone is following this. let's recap this. back in the late '90s, those in the kenyan embassy were begging the state department for additional security before the bombings, but not given additional resources. does this sound familiar? it gets worse. after the attacks in '98, susan rice was put out by the administration at the time to go on pbs and talk about the attack. we have the tape. watch what she says very closely. >> all of our embassies around the world have received warning of this, notice of this, and are taking appropriate precautions. we maintain a high degree of security in all of our embassies at all times, and obviously a high degree of security has been increased even further as a result of this information. >> sean: wow. so after an attack on our embassies, susan rice, she's put on television t
country. david mckenzie is in nairobi and i asked him what the rebels were planning next. >> they're pushing on to new front lines after they took the key town. thousands of civilians have fled the scene. more than 100,000 people are in desperate need of humanitarian assistance. comes after the rebels took the city this week. right now, there are moves to go to the negotiating table. the rebel leader has been summoned to uganda with talks, but they're worried that this bloody situation could get even worse. tom? >> our fifth story "outfront." >> they're pushing on to new front lines after they took the key town. thousands of civilians have fled the scene. more than 100,000 people are in desperate need of humanitarian assistance. comes after the rebels took the city this week. right now, there are moves to go to the negotiating table. the rebel leader has been summoned to uganda with talks, but they're worried that this bloody situation could get even worse. tom? >> our fifth story "outfront." the election is barely behind us, but speculation is already shifting to who will be runn
have been in negotiations over the temperature in the studio. >> i win. >> it's like nairobi in here. it's like 106 degrees. >> i can't help it. i like it like that. >> i'm cloaked in wool. here are some of the stories we are watching this morning. kicking things off, it's a $7 trillion mix of tax hikes and spending cuts that some fear could tip the u.s. back into recession. i'm talking about the fiscal cliff and it goes into effect just 52 days from now, unless a deal can be reached. both president obama and house speaker john boehner say they are willing to negotiate. but tax hikes are a sticking point. president obama will meet with congressional leaders on the issue next week. >>> and in florida, it is all over, but the vote count, as the state tries to finalize its tally of the presidential election. unofficial results are due to the secretary of state by noon today. cnn has yet to project a winner, but president obama enjoys a 60,000 vote lead over mitt romney. >>> happy birthday to all the men and women serving in the marines around the world. today marks the 237th anniversary
. if passed the gay community in uganda could live even more in the shadows. cnn, nairobi, kenya. >>> in this country, cyber monday, that's tomorrow. we'll tell you if the online sales really live up to the hype. >>> the clock keeps ticking toward the fiscal cliff. hear what lawmakers are doing to avoid faing off the edge. >>> if you have to go out today, just a reminder, we can still be with you. you can continue watching cnn from your mobile phone. you can 1/2 live from your laptop, okay, now here's our holiday gift list. aww, not the mall. well, i'll do the shopping... if you do the shipping. shipping's a hassle. i'll go to the mall. hey. hi. you know, holiday shipping's easy with priority mail flat rate boxes from the postal service. if it fits, it ships anywhere in the country for a low flat rate. yea, i know. oh, you're good. good luck! priority mail flat rate boxes. online pricing starts at $5.15. only from the postal service. >>> if you missed out on black friday, it's not too late to get great deals. tomorrow is cyber monday. joining us from new york, consume
attacks in nairobi and salaam, those terrorist attacks when susan rice was an assistant secretary for african affair, talking about some of the same warning signs that were missed. so a bad sign for susan rice and her prospective support in the senate, which, of course, would have to confirm any nomination that the president sent up, thomas. >> mike, interesting enough, when susan collins talks about the fact there was more security requests sent for libya and she wants ono why those requests might have been not taken so seriously, nothing comes up about the fact that the republican congress cut the security budget for diplomatic security in 2011 and in 2012. doesn't that seem odd that they don't bring up the fact that they didn't -- >> reporter: i think it also goes back to the bush administration, as well. yeah, this is a point democrats have made over and over again. i think republicans are focusing on not exactly what happened in terms of the budget, of course, but what happened and why susan rice appeared on "meet the press" and those other sunday shows. we've heard over and
in the clinton administration. collins she had she pressed rice about the security of the embassy of nairobi in 1998. rice told her she was not involved directly involving the request for security. the review board at that time did not find reasonable cause that any u.s. employee was involved with the bombing. >> the chat room is bombing her for everything. susan rice didn't put the candle back. susan rice is luke's father. susan rice's husband always leaves the seat up. susan rice built the iceberg to take down the titanic. >> she built the rice-berg. >> our chat room is funny. >> stephanie: senator bob corker. >> sound byte: we want someone who is independent. i would just ask the president to step back for a moment and realize that amen all of us here hold the secretary of state to a very different standard than most cabinet members. >> stephanie: you know the last thing that larry hagman said before he died? susan rice shot j.r. >> too soon. >> stephanie: it's from the 80s the actual who shot j.r. >> he just died. he died a couple of days ago. >> stephanie: it was a fictional tragedy. th
. facebook is now in over 80 languages, right to left languages. 60 in the middle of nairobi. it is on a giant flat screen and monitored in somebody's office in palo alto. it is on a tabloid. it is on a new galaxy iv. the media needs to be something that can work wherever it goes. when we look at designing new features for facebook, we look at things that are simple to use as speech, like commenting, liking, sharing, or sending. we do not create new words. we do not create a new name for a product that is just about commenting are just about messaging. our messages product is called messages. our news feed product is called newsfeed. our photos product is called photos. it might sound silly, but in discussions, there is sort of an inherent bias for builders to create something that it has its own brand. facebook started from the idea that it should be like a glass that is clean. and as much as possible, relays the intention of the sender. >> i want to talk a little bit about the diversity of users that facebook has now. everyone in this room -- did they get a smart phone and
for their lives. david mckenzie reports now from neighboring nairobi, kenya. >> reporter: they are left with a wider war in the center of africa. the m23 rebel group took a key town on friday of government forces and alliance militia. thousands of civilians were seen flying, sometimes carrying all their possessions on their backs. the u.k. charity says that more than 100,000 people need humanitarian assistance in this crisis. now there's a move to try to solve the growing conflict at the negotiating table. the mrekz have been summoned to use quanneda to try to find a way to find peace, but the international observers believe that because the u.n. peacekeeping force watched as m23 took the key city of goma earlier this week, they might be emboldened to push on. they say they want to "liberate" the entire of the country and move all the way 1,000 miles away. >>> a dangerous new record reached. a report says that there are more greenhouse gases in the atmosphere now than ever before. we'll talk to bill nigh, the science guy, there he is, about what it means for the health of our planet. um
the aftermath of the embassy bombings. i was in nairobi afterward. i met with the embassy staff. they lost a dozen people in that awful bombing. i visited the site. it was a gigantic crater. indeed the embass staff had requested ambassador enhanced security. the problem was that it was located at an intersection of two very busy streets. it was right on the street level built years before al-qaeda. and the back parking lot was totally open. that's where this truck had driven in loaded with explosives and created this massive destruction that killed not only the 12 americans but well more than 200 kenyans. i think though, to blame susan rice is kind of like blaming fema for 9-11. under secretary of state who was in charge of facilities and that's the group that deemed the terrorist threat there to be medium. it really wasn't susan rice. i'm curious why she's being made -- it's like scapegoating susan is the affliction that's sweeping washington. >> brian: you just did what susan rice evidently didn't. you just expl
Search Results 0 to 27 of about 28 (some duplicates have been removed)